Prom Princess named at Grand March

Senior Celia Smithmier was crowned Prom Princess at the Grand March.

Every year, the BSM community participates in the tradition of crowning a Prom Princess. The court of seven candidates is created from nominations by the senior class. Then, both the junior and senior classes vote for the final Prom Princess. The princess was announced on the night of Prom at the Grand March, which takes place in the Great Hall before the dance.

This year’s nominees were seniors Madison Hicks, Celia Smithmier, Sabrina Ehrmantraut, Abbey Nichols, Crystal Sorem, Tasha Wagner, and Emma Sather. “I was very honored and it was a nice way to end the year,” Hicks said.

This year, Smithmier took the title of BSM Prom Princess. She was very excited about the win, especially as it was a memorable way to celebrate the last couple months of high school. “It was such a cool way to end all the high school dances and wrap up another part of senior year,” Smithmier said.

All of the girls were excited about their nominations and congratulated Smithmier on her win. “It was a well deserved win,” Hicks said.