The Trump that didn’t show up

A controversy that came up in the most recent GOP debate was the absence of the GOP frontrunner in the polls, Donald Trump. In an interview about Megyn Kelly, he drew outrage by talking about “blood coming out of her whatever,” when referencing the debate. His absence from the debate sparked conversation about Trump’s strength as the potential GOP nomination. Many view him as not only weak for running away from Megyn Kelly, but unfit to be the leader of the free world.

Throughout the debate, the job of the moderators is to ask challenging questions to the candidates to help voters and delegates decide who they want as a candidate in the general election. Trump, being the leader in the GOP polls, should be expected to have the ability to answer the posed questions on issues such as foreign policy and electability. Yet, when he is faced with simple questions such as these, he deflected by calling the moderator Megyn Kelly unprofessional and accused her of “really bombing [the debate].”

When Trump was called back to debate in January, he made headlines by refusing to debate due to Megyn Kelly’s tough questions during the debate and her interviews in response to Trump’s comments. In these interviews she pointed out that these questions were meant to be challenging to see how GOP hopefuls were able to defend their vulnerabilities, and Kelly simply stated that “if you can’t get past me how are you going to handle Vladimir Putin.”

. Trump’s comments go well beyond sexism, he has also stated innumerable racist, Islamophobic and plain out false remarks while being interviewed. ”

— Obasi Lewis

In June, we all thought that Donald Trump was going to be laughed off by the end of the summer. When the end summer came around and Donald Trump was still at the top of the polls, both political parties started getting concerned about the possibility of Trump actually being elected as the leader of the free world. He has made misogynistic remarks about Megyn Kelly such as “blood coming out of her whatever,” referring to her as a “bimbo,” and also insinuated that Hillary Clinton is unfit to run the country solely based on the reason that her husband cheated on her. Trump’s comments go well beyond sexism, he has also stated innumerable racist, Islamophobic and plain out false remarks while being interviewed. Trump isn’t the GOP’s only hope for the general election however, their saving grace might just be Ted Cruz.

The people of Iowa held a caucus on February 1st and the thankfully the majority elected Ted Cruz as the GOP nominee. Although Ted Cruz is decades behind on social issues, he is the only candidate on the GOP with the traditional background in politics and two Ivy League degrees. Ted Cruz is the most electable candidate for the GOP, except for the fact that he was not born in America. Of course this fact will not be highlighted by the conservative media as it was when President Obama was elected.

It’s now February and when the average independent voter is asked who they want to be the next President, the common response is “anyone but Trump.”