Advantages of a “blended” classroom

Christopher Jones examines the benefits of a partially online class that moves at the pace of the student.

BSM offers a wide variety of classes in every core subject. Recently, BSM has made the addition of a new style of course knows as “blended” classes. One of these classes is Advanced Algebra Blended Online, which I decided to try as an alternative to the standard math class setting.

This class is different from a typical math class in that it goes at the student’s pace. The students learn from the videos made by our teacher, Ms. Sauer––the only teacher who teaches the new blended class. The video lessons are usually five to twelve minutes long and are very descriptive. I find that they cover more material than typical notes in class, and she usually will add a few tips and tricks that we can go back and watch later.  

This class has had incredibly positive effects on my grades and, more importantly, my overall understanding of math. ”

— Christopher Jones

Being able to pause the video allows me to better understand and learn a subject without having to hold up the rest of the class on a particular concept that other students may already understand. The main purpose of this style of class––and the aspect that I find most successful about it––is that it moves at the pace of the student. I am able to pace my homework assignments and studying to my capabilities and manage my time thoroughly. This reduces stress and usually allows for more sleep, something that most high school students are lacking. The only deadlines in the class are for quizzes and tests, and those are flexible as well.

Math has always been a difficult subject for me. This class has had incredibly positive effects on my grades and, more importantly, my overall understanding of math. Since starting this class my grades have gone up significantly; I am able to spend more time on a concept I struggle with and less time on one that I understand. This flexibility and reliance on personal learning makes the class run extremely efficiently. It saves every student lots of time because, if they feel as though they have a grasp on a concept, they can simply move on.

This style of classroom is not just effective for me; most people in my classroom have experienced an increase in their average test scores and have said that they feel as though they learned the material more clearly than in a regular lecture class. I think it would be beneficial for many classes if we implemented this style of classroom for other subjects. This class style can help reduce student workload, increase student learning efficiency, and lower overall school stress levels.