Winter sports managers help support their teams

As the weather outside begins to cool, the BSM winter sports managers keep themselves toasty warm by working hard to be the best managers they can be. For those that choose not to actively compete in one of these sports, being the manager is a great option.


Katie Ercolani

The dance team prepares for the first meet with their managers.

Everyone may have seen the Dance Team performing at BSM football games throughout the fall, but now that it is winter, their main season has begun. The Knightettes began practicing at the end of October and have numerous meets throughout their season. The dancers work incredibly hard to succeed to the state level, but they would be nowhere without their wonderful managers. This season’s managers are junior Kake Trochlil and seniors Grace Brooks and Marley Rozman. “As the managers of the team, our job is to do makeup, hair, record dances, play music, run to get music, run to get water, and just help with anything the coaches or dancers may need,” Trochil said. All of the managers are excited for the upcoming season and they are most excited to see the dancers compete. “I want to be a DT manager because the team seems like a fun group and it will be a fun way to get involved this winter. I’m looking forward to the competitions, hanging out with the girls, and helping the team be successful this season,” Rozman said.

  Ping Pong, while usually thought of as an activity and not a sport, is very demanding for both the players and managers. This season’s managers are seniors Mason Deterding, Griffin Ehlen, Aleksa Tataryn, and Emily Schmitz. Ping Pong requires intense focus, exceptional skill, and lots and lots of water. “I’ve sat back too many years and watched these players play tired and dehydrated, and it’s about time someone did something about it,” Deterding said. All of the managers can agree that water is essential for success in any sport, and Ping Pong is no exception. Motivation and support are also important to make a team great. “Mainly I just want to be that awkward loud cheerer at the matches making everyone mad at how loud I am. I’m looking forward to our team winning this season due to the hydration and motivation from the managers,” Griffin Ehlen said.

  Benilde’s Girls’ Hockey team has some excellent players and team managers this season. Sophomore Claire Grazzini and junior Taylor Lowenberg will be the managers, and their jobs will be to fill up water bottles, keep stats, and make dessert for the girls for after the games. The Girls’ Hockey team has won many conference, section, and state championships in the last few years and are looking forward to another successful season. “I’m excited to get to know the hockey girls better, and I am looking forward to having the team hopefully make an appearance at the Xcel energy center for State,” Grazzini said. Both Taylor and Claire play soccer for BSM together and are good friends which will make them a strong managing duo. “I thought it would be fun because I really enjoy watching hockey and I know many of the girls on the team. Claire Grazzini is also one of my good friends so I knew it’d be even more fun,” Lowenberg said.