14 Best BSM Campaign Posters

Promises, integrity, looks. Who needs those? Certainly not these candidates. Their campaign posters say it all.


Michael Hunter:

Michael Hunter is a freshman running for the position of Sophomore Class President, and the Knight Errant enjoys his play of words on pictures.

James Libbey:


James Libbey is a current sophomore running for next year Junior Class President.

Ashley Ortizcazarin: 


Ashley, or “C-Ashley,” is a freshman running for the Sophomore Class Treasurer.

Eric Weber:


Eric Weber #2:IMG_3059

Eric Weber may be the new “McDreamy” after swooning all the ladies in the school with two of his posters. The Knight Errant approves of his use of pop-culture to win voters over.

Brooke Stanley:IMG_3064

Brooke is running for Senior Class President and we here at KE love the use of baby pictures because who doesn’t love a good throwback?


Mark Racchini:IMG_3066

Mark Racchini is running for Junior Class President and his poster says it all.

Elizabeth Kupchella:IMG_3068

Elizabeth “Hillary” Kupchella is running for Junior Class President and similar to other candidates, she has demonstrated a good use of pop-culture.

Alec Johnson:IMG_3069

Alec Johnson is campaigning as a contender for the prestigious title of Junior Class President. While his hockey career is being debated, his displays of athleticism and saying good morning is noted.

Alec Johnson #2:IMG_3070


Lucy Emmer:IMG_3072

Lucy Emmer is running for Senior Class Secretary and like other candidates, we appreciate her use of a nice picture from her youth.

Colleen Wagner:IMG_3075

Colleen Wagner is running for the position of Junior Class Secretary, and boy, has she created a nice campaign poster. Her use of wordplay and photoshop does not go unnoticed.

Elizabeth Kupchella #2:IMG_3077

Jack Magill:Jack Magill

Jack Magill is running for Senior Class Treasurer and he like one of his campaign posters, he makes cent$.