Annual Catholic Schools Week brings BSM community together

The entire school gathered in the Great Hall for the pep fest.

The week all Catholic Schools have been waiting for in 2015 began on Monday, January 26. BSM, along with most Catholic schools, celebrates Catholic Schools Week, and despite concerns, the tradition of dress-up days during the school week stays alive.

Students from every grade are given the opportunity to participate in the theme each day. On Monday there was no dress-up day, but students were asked to thank their teachers. Tuesday marked the first dress-up day––pajama day––along with a book read event for Mercy in the City. Mass is being held on Wednesday, and to end the short week, Thursday is red and white day with a pepfest and speaker.

The traditional dress-up days were almost lost this year after years of students not participating fully. “Nobody does dress-up days, and we weren’t going to do dress up days this year. However, student council wanted them,” said theology teacher Ms. Becca Meagher.

Though faculty and staff may disagree, these dress-up days seem to be crucial to students. “Ever since I was a kindergartener I have always dressed up for Catholic Schools Week, and I think it would just be sad if we didn’t dress up because it is an important aspect to Catholic Schools Week,” said senior and executive student council secretary Sofie Scott.

Even with these differing opinions, there is one thing that teachers and students can come to agreement with: the importance of Catholic Schools Week. “[Catholic Schools Week] sets aside a week to remind ourselves that we are a mission based school, and it is a privilege to attend this school, and you have a responsibility to engage in that learning. It is more than just math and English here. It is a time to reengage in our mission. We forget about it, and we don’t realize we have a special obligation,” said Ms. Meagher.