World style: international fashion capitals

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In 2014, a new city took the highly acclaimed title of the Top Global Fashion Capital: New York City. Many people believe that Paris is the fashion capital, but the year New York City won the title by a close 0.05% this year. This was the closest the survey has ever been.

New York City is famous for the creative energy and innovative designs made there. It also has the greatest concentration of design talent in the world. This has brought in a massive amount of wealth over the past couple of years. This is helpful for new fashion ideas to flow. No other district in the world has the amount of fashion businesses and talent as New York City does.

New York’s Fashion Week kicks off all of the others in cities such as Paris, Milan, and London. New York won its spot as fashion capital of the world because of its discipline and creative approach on the fashion industry. New York’s creative energy will eventually emerge worldwide. “Every street you’re on, there are many different types of shops. It ranged from huge brand names to little boutiques” senior Jacqueline Bieter said.

Paris, in second place for the Fashion Capital of the World, will always be known as the fashion capital of the world. Paris, France has the final show out of all of the fashion weeks of the world. Some of the world’s best designers were discovered in Paris and is currently the headquarters of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, and others.

Paris provides the ultimate dose of style when looking for high fashion. Also, most of the history of fashion began in Paris. “Fashion in Paris is basically a Vogue magazine. It feels like an art gallery. Some of the high end stores required an appointment to go shopping,” senior Lydia Kozak said.

Last but not least, London was declared the third fashion capital of the world. The education of art in England is superior to anywhere else in the nation. The schools often benefit from the amount of foreign talent. Most designers who graduate stay around the city to start their own businesses. The creative air of the city is contagious. London also has an advantage to other cities because of its location in Europe, which has great access to many other Europeans fashion cities.

This year, Los Angeles climbed up five spots on the esteemed list. All of these fashion capitals have invested a large amount of business, finance, and entertainment into their countries. Each one of these cities have a major influence on international fashion trends and designs.