The graduation party style guide

As the graduation party season quickly nears, students need to make sure to wear the proper attire. In order to look classy without overdoing the style, here is a what-to-wear guide for all kinds of graduation parties.

When deciding what to wear, it is important to keep the weather in mind to stay comfortable and chic. At the graduation ceremony, graduates will have a cap and gown that covers their outfit. Make sure to wear something nice underneath the gown, as this is customary. It is essential to remember that it will be warm in the crowded auditorium. Graduates should make sure that the clothing underneath the cap and gown is breathable. For girls, a flowy white dress with spaghetti straps looks formal, but won’t be too hot. Boys should stick to preppy khaki shorts and a polo shirt.

Junior Jackie Lawyer flaunts one of her graduation party outfits.
Junior Jackie Lawyer flaunts one of her graduation party outfits.


Since most graduation parties are around the month of June, they will most likely be be warm and sunny. Guests should wear an outfit with lighter fabric to keep cool. When it comes to graduation parties, it is proper to not show too much skin. Ladies, a sundress is always a great go-to when stumped with what to wear. Gentlemen, a button down shirt paired with shorts is a great option. If the party is still going after sunset, make sure to bring a cardigan or sweater to keep warm in the later hours of the party.

Graduation parties can go on for hours, especially if it is the graduate’s own. Relatives can talk forever, and friends always want to stay for the fun. It is very important to keep comfort in mind. Feeling tense in clothes can show on the face as well. The host of parties should always have a smile, so they need to make sure they are comfortable in their own skin. There can be multiple parties in one day, so the comfort rule also applies to shoes. If guests will be running around town all day and night, it might be best to stray away from the high heels.

Don’t be afraid to dress up but stay conservative. Go with an empty stomach in order to prepare to eat a lot!