Top 6 Taher foods that keep mouths watering


Keenan Schember

Taher cookies are among the most popular snacks offered to students at BSM.

With a variety of tasty options, some foods have endured as student favorites. After exploring the lunch menu, it’s clear that those who stick to chicken balls and pizza are missing out on a few of Taher’s gems.

Honorable Mention: Bacon Cheeseburger

A classic American favorite, it’s hard to go wrong with a bacon cheeseburger. Taher’s rendition doesn’t deviate from the traditional bacon cheeseburger. The delicious patty includes a bun, burger, melted cheese, and bacon cooked to crispy perfection. The entrée also comes with french fries and a myriad of toppings, including tomatoes, pickles, and lettuce, available by the condiments bar.

5. Chicken Fried Steak

The legendary chicken fried steak is a staple at BSM. It has become so popular with students that it makes a scheduled appearance every first Thursday of the month. When the famous dish is being served, students beg teachers to leave early from class and race to the cafeteria in order to beat the line, often extending past the condiments bar. Crispy, deep-fried, and smothered in either white or dark gravy, chicken fried steak also comes with a roll, mashed potatoes, and corn. This entrée is definitely worth the fifteen-minute wait.

4. Omelette Bar

Whenever the stars are properly aligned (three to four times a year), Taher offers an omelette bar for breakfast. The event isn’t heavily publicized; knowledge of the omelette bar usually comes by word of mouth, or as one approaches the cafeteria, by smell. With countless options of toppings including ham, bacon, onions, peppers, mushrooms, and broccoli, the omelette bar is Taher’s tastiest and most customizable meal.

3. Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

It is a universally accepted truth that the simple addition of bacon can improve any meal ten fold. It’s also common knowledge that pizza is one of the most delicious components of the human diet. Therefore, nothing short of divine can come from the union of these two flavorful foods. In recent years, Taher’s chicken bacon ranch pizza made the switch from flatbread to thick crust. It is unknown as to whether this switch improved or corrupted the integrity of the pizza; however, the meal, typically served with a caesar salad, is still a favorite of many BSM students

2. Parmesan Crusted Tilapia

Thanks to parmesan-crusted tilapia, Fridays during Lent no longer have to be bland. This crispy and flavorful fish dish may not be as widely accepted and well-known to students as chicken-fried steak, but it definitely has a dedicated fanbase. Grouped with buttered noodles, peas, and a lemon butter sauce, parmesan-crusted tilapia is without a doubt the best BSM lunch entrée.

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Otis Spunkmeyer chocolate chip cookies, everyone’s favorite snack, typically run out before lunch even begins. For some, it’s difficult to walk through the cafeteria without purchasing a pack of the mouthwatering morsels. It’s a long-debated conspiracy that Taher began using the extra crinkly packaging for the cookies as a way to help teachers locate cookie consumers in class. While most prefer these cookies fresh out of the oven, they’re still pretty good cold as well. One thing is for sure: Taher’s cookies will always have a special place in the hearts (and stomachs) of BSM students.