Disruptive woman on campus forces a Code Yellow Lockdown

On the morning of Friday May 23, BSM students found themselves in the midst of a Code Yellow lockdown. The cause for this lockdown was a disruptive female on campus. Due to her behavior in the parking lot and school entry, the administration decided to issue a lockdown for the students’ safety. “I was pretty impressed with the school’s response time, and I’m also happy that they didn’t keep us in the dark and they were willing to share the information with us as they got it,” sophomore Gunnar Lundberg said.

This lockdown was in place for about ten minutes and the woman is currently in police custody. “Our first and foremost concern is for the safety of our students. We followed the emergency procedures and believe that our students were never in danger,” Dr. Skinner wrote in an email sent out to students and parents regarding the lockdown.