Class representatives for next year’s student council appointed

Recently, many students campaigned for student council elections, with creative posters and personalized slogans scattered through the halls. Last week current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors found out during afternoon announcements  who will be representing their class in student council next year after voting for president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer.

The sophomore class board for next year consists of President Joe Blake, Vice President Carrie Bather, Secretary Cora Wyvell, and Treasurer Michael Wexler.

The junior class board for next year consists of President Auggie Moore, Vice Presidents Peter McCague and Brooke Stanley, Secretary Maddie Etienne, and Treasurer Matt Lynch. The junior class board will be unique for the votes for vice president were tied between Stanley and McCague.

Representing the senior class for next year is President Jay Weber, Vice President Sofie Madden, secretary Mark Falls, and treasurer Margaux Brink. “It was my first year running, so I am extremely excited that I am going to be vice president. It is an honor to represent the senior class because senior year is such an important year,” junior and future senior vice president Sofie Madden said.