Taher’s extended hours satisfy hungry students

The clock read 1:04PM. AP Composition class was one minute from ending, but so were Taher food sales. How I longed for a bottle of Gatorade to quench my thirst after reading and critiquing the essays of my peers. “If I make a dash the minute the bell rings, I might be able to grab something to drink before they close,” I thought to myself. The bell rang, I sprinted down the hall, but it was too late. Taher was done selling items for the day.

This scenario is very familiar among students on a daily basis, where hunger and thirst takes over between the end of C lunch until school is dismissed. The days of food sales ending at 1:05 PM sharp, however, will soon be a thing of the past. Taher has now extended their hours of operation until 3:15 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays, allowing students the opportunity to purchase food and drinks from the cafeteria beyond C lunch.

The longer hours will be beneficial to whoever needs an extra nutritional boost to get through the day, and also for those who stay after school for extracurricular activities.”

— Joe Kleven

Taher manager Ms. Lynn Lynch also agrees that Taher’s extended operation is best for the students. “It’s convenient for students who stay after school or have a game to grab snacks or some water, and students have appreciated the longer hours,” Ms. Lynch said. “It was wellness coordinator Ms. Fourre who first asked about providing snacks after school, and we put the new vending machine in the commons that dispenses sandwiches and other goods, but it didn’t fare well among students. We both wondered why doesn’t Taher do it?”

Currently, Taher’s extended hours are only in effect on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but the idea of staying open longer every day is under consideration by Taher staff. “We will stay open every day if it’s worthwhile to keep it open. I’ve found that few people tend to stay after school on Wednesday since there’s a lot of away sports games, but the feedback among students has been pretty good so far,” Ms. Lynch said.