Bowling prodigy: junior achieves perfect score for second time


Madeline Rockhold

Bowling a perfect 300 requires pristine physical talent and an unbreakable mindset.

The no hitter, the hat trick, and the triple-double are what every athlete strives to accomplish. They require pristine physical talent and an unbreakable mindset, but one achievement is often left off of the list: bowling a perfect 300.

For BSM junior Joe Kleven, this dream has become a reality twice; most people familiar with Joe already know that from seeing the hard to miss ring he boasts on his finger (the second one has already been ordered). Ever since his first strike, Kleven has dreamed of rolling a perfect game. “I picked up a ball for the first time at a kid’s birthday party when I was four, and joined a teenager-league at age five. It’s every bowler’s dream and pinnacle to throw twelve strikes in a row,” said Kleven.

Although he has already become a seasoned bowler, Kleven cannot believe he achieved this at such a young age. “I only ever thought it would happen when I was old and well into retirement, with nothing to do besides bowl. I knew I couldn’t achieve it in MSHSL matches because we play in a team format, but it looks like my wish came early nonetheless,” Kleven said.

As anyone can imagine, it’s hard to contain your excitement after achieving what seems like a nearly unreachable goal. “I was jumping up & down, pumping my fist, and yelling in joy at the top of my lungs. I also looked to the crowd at that tournament and shouted out “Who do you think you are, I am?”, as Pete Weber famously did after winning the US Open, one of the greatest (and craziest) professional bowlers of all time,” Kleven said.

Although the first 300 was more memorable, Kleven claims the second didn’t lose much allure. “It seemed to have lost 30 percent of the excitement that the first 300 brought, but it was still awesome to see twelve strikes in a row on the board.” Kleven will continue to work on his game in hopes of reaching a third 300.