Chiropractic care proves to be a beneficial option for students


Keenan Schember

BSM students who are experiencing back pain or aches in joints will visit the chiropractor to relive discomfort.

Although the noise of cracking joints sounds painful and shuttering, when bones release it is very beneficial to the body. Not only can chiropractic care help align the spine, but it can also heal muscles that could possibly be injured. When the spine is aligned, energy becomes able to flow freely throughout the entire body because of the spines connection with the nervous system. Also, the tense energy that is built up in certain joints transforms into positive vitality when released. This alternative form of medicine suits all ages and can be advantageous during any stage of life.

Adjustments help heal strains and injuries but also assists in healing disorders like insomnia, high blood pressure, anxiety and chronic headaches. The naturality of chiropractic care provides prevention of various injuries along with quicker healing of anything along the way. Chiropractors do not focus specifically on one part but rather on the unity of the entire body to heal the bones, muscle, and spirit. This practice enables cells, tissues, bones, and nerves to work in harmony to create a body of full potential.

Facts and Myths of Chiropractic care:
MYTH: “Chiropractic work screws up your body”
FACT: Chiropractors do not go through training and licensing to attempt to mess up the function of the body. If done by a well experienced chiropractor, this healing method only provides benefits rather than misalignment.

MYTH: “Once you start going to the Chiropractor you are stuck going for the rest of your life”
FACT: Although chiropractic care can be worth getting practiced on regularly, Chiropractic care can take a hult in participants lives whenever they would please without wrecking any part of the body.

MYTH: “All Chiropractic care is expensive”
FACT: Some Chiropractic centers can be quite spendy but many are exceptionally good while still priced reasonably. Most places are covered by insurance which saves a couple bucks and makes this alternative practice affordable.

MYTH: “Cracking my own back is just as good”
FACT: Although cracking your back on your own may be temporarily satisfying, the percentage of people who try it incorrectly is very high. Therefore, it would be most practical to visit a trained professional in order to start getting long term results, rather than just temporary relief.

MYTH: “Chiropractors are not real doctors”
FACT: In order to be a certified chiropractic, practitioners must go through medical school and obtain a degree. If you are seeing an unlicensed chiropractor, stop—it is illegal. Have no fear though, because all certified chiropractors know the body and how to relieve it the correct way.