Six reasons to want to go to Coachella

Ever wondered where the all the hip Uptown kids disappear to every year during the second and third weekends of April? This mysterious indie hangout is the Coachella Music Festival, located in the Coachella valley of Indio, California. This epic two-weekend event is one of the most exciting events of the year for musicians and artists.

Coachella is a large, annual musical festival that takes place in California.

Coachella press image

Coachella is a large, annual musical festival that takes place in California.

Arcade Fire
Touring on the heels of their fourth record, “Reflektor,” Arcade Fire is one of the most attractive headliners of Coachella this year. Their theatrical and emotional shows have earned them common recognition as one of the best live acts around.

Frank Turner
English festival veteran and folk singer-songwriter, Frank Turner, will return to the U.S. a year after the release of his fifth record “Tape Deck Heart,” which gave him his first taste of recognition in the U.K. This thoroughly talented musician remains to be one of the most underrated and talented acts coming to Coachella this year.

These talented and newly-famed sisters will be returning to their home state of California for Coachella 2014. Their instant smash-hit debut record, “Days Are Gone,” will bring the entirety of Coachella-goers to their stage.

Kate Nash
Britpop songwriter Kate Nash will be another underrated English musician to take the Coachella stage this year. Nash, with her bass guitar and feminist backing band, will be one of the most exciting shows of the festival, due to their fast and popular sound.

Neutral Milk Hotel
Emerging from their nearly 15-year hiatus, Neutral Milk Hotel has returned to find that the incline of Hipsterdom and weirdly instrumented yet artistic folk rock has made them superstars in the Alternative Rock subculture. They will take on Coachella this April are sure to have fans rush to the stage with gusto to see their indie-rock heroes in person.

The Replacements
Also fresh from a lengthy hiatus, these Minnesotan punks have had a vast influence on the genre that dominates the festival. Indeed, almost all of the acts in the lineup owe their success and existence to The Replacements.