BSM awarded with Apple Distinguished status

Benilde-St. Margaret’s has been selected to receive the Apple Distinguished School award for the second consecutive year, a status that will now last through 2015 due to Apple extending the accolade to a two year possession. “It feels good to be recognized,” Technology Integration Assistant and junior high English teacher Mr. Dan Sylvester said. “The first year we received the award was last year, and that was for the 2012-2013 school year. It was nice to be recognized for a second time, which shows our technology has done good things at BSM.”

The Apple Distinguished Award is a recognition award given to schools who demonstrate five key practices of their technology use: visionary leadership, innovative learning and teaching, relevant & timely professional development, compelling evidence of success, and flexible learning environment. This year, five schools in Minnesota were granted the award, up from three schools last year. “We submitted an application to Apple to be a distinguished school, and we were encouraged to do so by local Apple representatives,” Mr. Sylvester said. “This was the second time we submitted an application, and it was easier because we just added data.”

BSM is expected to reapply for Apple Distinguished School status next year.