Cage the Elephant’s varied album echoes the musical greats


Cage the Elephant press image

Cage the Elephant plays around with elements from multiple genres, giving the album a unique sound.

Known for their eclectic sound, folk-rock-punk band Cage the Elephant continues to impress fans with the release of their third album, Melophobia, out October 8th. The album combines the influences of many musical greats, including, but not limited to, The Black Keys, The Pixies, and the early works of The Beatles.

The Tennessee based band quickly rose to fame after the 2008 release of their hit song, “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked,” which was a diverse blend of rock and southern twang, without dwelling into the territory of country music. This sound becomes modified, yet continues in Melophobia, creating a blend of past and present themes.

Early previews of Melophobia were heard in the beginning of August, with the release of the first single, “Come a Little Closer.” The track was exciting, giving fans ample taste of the transformed sound of the band. Gone were the days of amateur rock riffs, replaced by a more mature, almost dream-wave sound. The themes represented in the early release continued onto the rest of the album.


Stand out tracks include “Telescope,” a wistful song filled with soft vocals and a yearning sound. Funk elements take control in “Take it Or Leave it,” which contains a Vampire Weekend-esque sound making it a fresh, fun listen. Fans of the harder rock sound of Cage the Elephant’s earlier works will not be disappointed with “Black Widow.” The song combines rock falsettos with a strong bassline, reminiscent of 80’s garage bands.

No weak tracks are featured on the album, and even the less popular songs are undiscovered hits. “Teeth” contains just enough sass and punk to be angsty but not cliché, a recurring trend throughout the album. Nothing is too much of any genre, leaving a balanced, fresh album.

The album is the perfect pick me up for a drive home from school, with calming elements mixed with exciting tracks. Melophobia showcases the matured talent of Cage the Elephant, and promises to be one of the standout albums of 2013.