Knight Errant adviser named Dow Jones News Fund Distinguished Adviser


Meghan Ortizcazarin

Beyond his advising of the Knight Errant, Wallestad is the co-founder and co-owner of School Newspapers Online, a company helping more than 1,400 schools bring their publications to the web.

On September 28, the Dow Jones News Fund honored Mr. Jason Wallestad with the title of Distinguished Adviser. The foundation is dedicated to advocating journalistic education for high school students.

This high achievement comes after an intense review process, overseen by a panel composed of a newspaper editor, the previous years’ Teacher of the Year, and other staff at the Fund. After evaluating each candidate on their journalism service, awards, school newspaper, and their overall teaching philosophy, one teacher is selected as the Teacher of the Year.

Mr. Wallestad received the Distinguished Adviser award, the second highest honor by the organization. “It’s obviously exciting to be awarded, especially considering the people selected are always of the highest caliber,” Mr. Wallestad said.

Included as part of Wallestad’s Distinguished Adviser selection, one BSM senior will be selected through a writing contest to receive a $500 scholarship to study journalism. In addition, Mr. Wallestad will receive a free subscription to The Wall Street Journal (Classroom Edition) to continue his excellent work. “I love watching students work together and create high quality content,” Mr. Wallestad said.

While these awards are a great honor, the Knight Errant remains devoted to what it knows best. “The Knight Errant is not a publication driven by awards, but rather one focused on great journalism, and writing for the BSM and surrounding communities,” Mr. Wallestad said.

Mr. Wallestad will be recognized later this year at the National High School Journalism Convention in Boston along with the other distinguished advisors and the Teacher of the Year.