Volcano Choir’s sophomore album shows depth and finesse


Volcano Choir press image

Volcano Choir includes Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, as well as former members of the band Collections of Colonies of Bees.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin based band “Volcano Choir” recently released their sophomore album Repave, much to the delight of Indie rock fans. With a sound reminiscent of bands Bastille and Coldplay, listeners will be impressed with this second studio album, after minor success with the first in 2009.

The pet project of Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and of members of the band Collections of Colonies of Bees, this eclectic group doesn’t disappoint in churning out unique and subtle sounds, standing out from much of the current genre. Volcano Choir works diligently to make each song distinct from the rest, contributing to a full and varied album.

Leading off the album, single “Byegone,” is an emotional ballad, which engages the listener through its entrancing background, and strong vocals. Fan’s of Bon Iver will feel at home, as it echoes much of their latest album from 2011, but also appreciate the electronic sounds and updated feel.

“Tiderays,” another standout song on the album, mixes electronic sounds with acoustic guitar picking. Completed by the addition of gentle vocals that round out the sound, an unexpected rock conclusion gives variance towards the end.

An under-appreciated favorite is the track “Acetate.” With a beat found nowhere else on the album, this song is set apart from the rest. Vernon’s characteristic vocals are yet again present but backed by a more rock-esque feel than the rest of the album.

Marked by great melodies and a satisfying mixture of electronic and melodic sounds, Volcano Choir has created a relaxing and enjoyable mix. Drawing roots from their parent bands, Volcano Choir is able to create a sound of their own, and claim a space in the indie-rock world.

Recently following up Kanye West on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” Volcano Choir has proven their ability to appeal to a wider audience without sacrificing their musical integrity, making them an up-and-coming band to watch. Coming to the Varsity Theater here in Minnesota on October 18th, they’re sure not to let-down any alternative music fans. Volcano Choir’s full album is now available on iTunes.