After numerous departures, 11 new teachers walk BSM’s hallways


Kendel Malcolm

New teachers, like Mr. Becker, have been hired in the religion, English, art, and language departments.

Following the departure of several teachers after the end of last school year, the BSM administration has hired a group of new teachers, ready to bring their open minds and determination to the classroom.

One of the new positions belongs to Ms. Li Sun, who now heads the Chinese language classes as BSM’s sole Chinese teacher. “I am an authentic Chinese speaker. I would like to help others to know about my country and learn Chinese,” Ms. Sun said.

BSM also hired a new college and career counselor, Mr. Chuck Mannie. Working with juniors and seniors, he hopes to ease their college stress and point students towards their best possible futures. “I was very excited about the opportunity to work in a school that focuses so much of its attention on our internal environment, in supporting our community, in our faith, in student involvement, in supporting one another, and in serving others,” Mr. Mannie said.

Ms. Stacy Gran now teaches AP European History for seniors and Western Civilization for sophomores. Having grown up in the Wayzata area, Ms. Gran had several friends who were BSM students. “They always had great stories about [BSM.] When my family moved back to the cities I would drive by [BSM] and think, ‘This school would be a great place to teach,’” Ms. Gran said.

The religion department gained three new teachers this year. Ms. Claire Shea returns to BSM after graduating in 2005. Mr. Michael Becker also returns to BSM after just a summer away as he was a student teacher last year. Lastly, Mr. Neil Kirchoefer joins BSM as a first year teacher after five years in the seminary. “I am especially excited for my two classes that I am teaching––Intro to Scripture and Christian Prayer. I cannot wait to share what I have to offer,” Mr. Kirchoefer said.

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I would drive by [BSM] and think, ‘This school would be a great place to teach,’”

— Ms. Gran

Ms. Lisa Bargas joins the science department this year; she is excited for both teaching and learning from her students, “I am looking forward to getting to know my students and having fun with them. I’m looking forward to what they teach me, because invariably I will learn much from them,” Ms. Bargas said.

The art department welcomes Ms. Nan Onkka this year. “I had previously been working as a senior high art teacher at an international boarding school in northern India. In fact, I just moved back in mid-July after living there for over four years,” Ms. Onkka said.

In the library, students can find Ms. Laura Sylvester ready to help them with their online researching needs.

Mr. Kevin Klott and Mr. Joe Moravec are both substituting for teachers on maternity leave, but are excited to be a part of the BSM comunity while they’re here. “I am really excited to see the BSM community come to life outside of the school walls,” Mr. Moravec said.