Senior class pulls off a win in an intense night of boys volleyball

Senior Grant Anderson wasn’t even supposed to be on the court but took advantage of his moment to shine and placed a perfect serve just inside the line to give the Senior class the boys’ volleyball title.

“I’m used to being kept on the sidelines in most sporting events. When I was told to go in – mostly by myself, I knew my role was to take the top off the defense. So I did just that,” said Anderson.

The senior class went into the night, determined to avenge last year’s championship game loss. “We wanted the W so bad that losing wasn’t even an option. And that’s exactly what we did,” said senior Chris Landis.

While the crowds for the annual event weren’t as big as previous years, the noise produced by the cheering-sections created an electric atmosphere that players from all grades fed off of throughout the event.

In the first set of games, the seniors easily defeated the freshman in two games to advance to the championship game and waited in anticipation to see who their opponent would be in the championship game. After three drama-filled sets, the sophomores pulled an upset over the juniors and advanced to the championship game.

(kendel malcolm)
(kendel malcolm)

The junior class redeemed themselves with a third-place win over the freshman, an improvement from last year’s event. “We give ourselves a gold star for finishing in 3rd this year instead of last.” said junior Nate Barry.

In the race for first place, the seniors showed their hunger for the championship by dominating the first set; however, the sophomores responded and snuffed out a late senior’s rally to send the game to a final and decisive third set.

In the final set, the persistent senior attack led by Christian Pederson, John Lager, Jack Sims, and Nate Meyer built an insurmountable lead over the sophomores and captured the title on Anderson’s game-winning ace. “After three years of hard work on the court without victory, the win against the sophomores felt unbelievable,” said senior Mikey McGill.

The homecoming festivities continue throughout the week with the girls from each class matching up on Wednesday for Powderpuff Football.