Class meetings held to open the school year

The annual class meetings were held last Wednesday, August 28, during an extended homeroom to remind students what rules they may have forgotten over summer vacation now that school is back in session. With Juniors and Seniors in the chapel, and Freshmen and Sophomores in the theatre, each grade gathered together for the first time this school year to meet with their deans and discuss important information for the months ahead.

Along with the new ID system, bullying, and attendance policies, one of the main topics of discussion was the changes regarding school issued planners. Instead of supplying each Red Knight with a planner, only Freshman received the helpful tools. Other students can purchase the traditional school planners for ten dollars billed to tuition in the Spirit Shop. “We decided not to necessarily cut the Freshmen off, they haven’t had a laptop for as long, so we decided to give the Freshmen planners, but the bottom line was that students just weren’t using the planners,” Assistant Principal and Dean of Juniors and Seniors Mary Anderson said.