Daughter’s debut album combines heartfelt lyrics and solid vocals


courtesy of 4AD

Lead singer Elena Tonra’s voice is emotion-filled but crisp.

Grace Moran, Staff Writer

The London-based indie trio Daughter, which consists of singer Elena Tonra, guitarist Igor Haefeli, and drummer Remi Aguilella and has a similar style to the band XX, recently released their debut album ‘If You Leave’. Daughter, originally Tonra’s solo project, was embellished with the addition of Haefeli and Aguilella arising from London in 2010. The band was signed by 4AD after releasing three consecutive EPs between 2010 and 2011. Their released music has been embraced by the indie genre.

Daughter released their debut EP, ‘His Young Heart’, in early 2011, which contains one of their most successful songs: ‘Landfill,’ which recalls feelings of being used and tossed away after a bad relationship. The song holds an acoustic touch that incorporates the band without overpowering the emotional lyrics, a style still utilized by the band in their latest release.

The next EP ‘The Wild Youth,’ released in late 2011, featured songs ‘Youth’, ‘Medicine’, ‘Love’ and ‘Home’ and found immediate success in the entertainment industry, as many of the songs were placed in TV shows and commercials.

courtesy of The Amazing Sessions

A favorite, the song ‘Youth’, is one of Daughter’s darker songs, in which Tonra reflects on the sadness and anger that comes with growing up and leaving the youth. Her voice rings clear throughout the song then clashing with the background music during times of anger. The song makes a second appearance on their new album ‘If You Leave.

‘If You Leave’ features ten songs, some of which are found on the band’s previous EPs. Tonra’s voice conveys warmth throughout her emotional lyrics although the songs repeatedly focus on heartbreak and death.

Songs ‘Amsterdam’ and ‘Human’ are set apart from the other tracks with their faster paced tempos and stronger band influence, a nice break from the slower, sleepy songs that make up the majority of the album. What’s consistent is Tondra’s voice is hauntingly beautiful and creates the feeling of past memories since remembered.

The song ‘Smother’ is one of Daughter’s tragic songs present on the album. The song expresses the feeling of wanting someone but knowing that such relationship would never work out. Her voice clearly conveys her pain without overdoing or overshadowing the simplicity of the song.

Daughter’s clear sound and heartfelt lyrics set them apart from the others and creates a solid debut album with a variety of songs that display the band’s versatility. Although frequently compared to bands such as the XX, Daughter maintains their individuality by switching up the tempo of their songs and using the band to accentuate the lyrics instead of overcoming them. Daughter’s debut album thoroughly displays their talent and individuality, creating a solid, well-rounded album.