Third Iron Man movie is packed with action and great acting


courtesy of Marvel Studios

Robert Downey Jr. once again shines as Iron Man.

Jason Kang, Staff Writer

Mixed with tension, bits of comedy, and promising action, “Iron Man 3” surpasses the two previous films improving upon the celebrated series. Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) thrives once again as everybody’s favorite superhero and electrifies the overall film. His performance is complemented by great acting from award-winning actors Don Cheadle and Guy Pearce. As the sequel from last year’s film “The Avengers,” “Iron Man 3” proves to be beyond the average action-packed, superhuman movie.

In “Iron Man 3,” Tony Stark, a billionaire and an American hero, goes through anxiety issues after fighting with the Avengers Initiative, leading him to create countless Iron Man suits. While Stark is suffering from distress and trauma, the Mandarin, a terrorist organization, attacks American cities and conducts regenerative treatments to produce superhumans.

“Iron Man 3” also features a new antagonist, Aldrich Killian (Pearce), who proves himself beyond a typical villain. Triggered by Stark’s arrogance, Killian aims to not only destroy Stark but his country and legacy through regenerative science. Pearce’s skilled acting, the character, and his motives intensify the overall storyline.

courtesy of Marvel Pictures

Director Shane Black, who replaced Jon Favreau, director of the previous two films, works with Downey Jr.’s wittiness and charisma in a similar way. By recollecting Stark’s extravagant and careless life before the Iron Man, “Iron Man 3” adds another meaningful piece of background to the series.

Despite great acting, “Iron Man 3” failed to explain specific information throughout the movie. Overshadowed by explosions and high-end technology, the film failed to reveal how the army of Iron Man suits were created and Stark’s health issues have strengthened after the battle. Unable to tie up the loose ends, the film often confuses the audience.

Entertaining and dramatic, “Iron Man 3” captivates the audience from the first scene. While staying true to the previous films, the movie naturally leads to another chapter of one of America’s favorite superhero.