Theology teacher Zach Zeckser leaves BSM for principal position

Anna McCloskey, Staff Writer

At the end of this school year, Mr. Zach Zeckser will depart from the BSM community to become the principal of St. Mark’s Catholic School in St. Paul. As Servant Leadership Coordinator, Campus Minister, head of Red Knight Volunteer Corps, Students for Human Life, and Student Leadership Forum, and Theology teacher, Mr. Zeckser has served the BSM community well for the past nine years. In addition, his implementation of the values of Servant Leadership have had an important impact on BSM’s service oriented values.

Mr. Zeckser will begin his new job two weeks after this school year ends at St. Mark’s, a small pre-kindergarten through grade eight school. “I really subscribe to the philosophy of servant leadership and that can be a hallmark for Catholic schools that make them different and unique, so I am looking forward to being able to do that from an administrative position,” Mr. Zeckser said.

As Mr. Zeckser departs from BSM, he will leave a legacy of Servant Leadership on the school. Most recently, Mr. Zeckser helped to start the Servant Leadership Network, aimed at implementing the principles in Catholic schools around the diocese. “I’ll be doing some work talking to faculties and staffs from other parts of the country, talking about servant leadership and kind of a vision of catholic education that makes us really distinct, that we really have a universal call to servanthood,” Mr. Zeckser said.