Upperclassmen share their creative Prom-posals

Kathleen Meskill and Taylor Rogers

MIKEY LAMB (junior)

Knight Errant: How did you ask?

Mikey Lamb: Eric Wagner, Will Jarvis, and I made a music video asking three girls to the music of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend.” Lyrics were written by Will, our cameraman was Connor Mctigue, it was really a team effort.

Mikey Lamb, Will Jarvis and Eric Wagner

KE: Were you nervous for posting this publicly?

ML: Uh, I was a little nervous at first, mainly about what the reaction would be to my vocals. I want people to know that I used to be a better singer, but puberty is really a double edged sword.

KE: How did you think of this idea?

ML: Eric had the idea of doing a video like Tanner Ahlborn did, so we wrote a cover of “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber and made a music video.


Knight Errant: How did you ask?

Arthur Boyle: At the retreat there was a time when you can do skits so I went up there and told the joke, ‘What do you call and old snowmen? Water,’ just to break the ice. I sang the song “In the Jungle,” like A-wimoweh A-wimoweh..get it? So, I did that and the rest of my cabin came through the doors behind where we were and they were like snapping and going “A-wimoweh A-wimoweh.” It was pretty funny. So then I made up some relevant lyrics that were funny. We had a whole skit, it was pretty funny. And we had Luke just making weird noises between the choruses like ‘A-WEEEEE,” and he just got really weird about it. But turns out she wasn’t even in the room at the end, so I had to do it again with just like three people. We went into her cabin and did it.

KE: Do you think she was expecting it?

AB: Oh she knew I was going to ask her.

KE: On the retreat?

AB: No not on the retreat, she just knew.

KE: How did you think of this idea?

AB: Originally I was going to write stuff on the street in fire, but it was raining all the time and super snowy, and I couldn’t get it organized, so I decided to do a skit at the retreat

KE: Was someone else going to ask her? Did you have to beat them to it?

AB: Um, sort of. He texted me and asked if I was asking her and I was like yeah, so he was like alright.

KE: Was it awkward when she wasn’t there at the end?

AB: Um, I felt a little stupid.

KE: What was her reaction?

AB: She laughed, she thought it was funny, she said yes.


Knight Errant: How did you ask?

Charlie Martin: I had talked to Hannah [Haughey]’s mom and Louise Hurley, Hannah’s best friend, as they were on their way to the airport. I asked Louise to have the flight attendants make a special announcement for me on the flight asking Hannah if she would go to Prom with me. On top of that, I surprised Hannah at the airport after they landed. In one hand I held a handmade plane ticket/poster that read, “Fly with me to prom?” and in the other hand I had a bouquet of flowers.

KE: Were you nervous for asking publicly?

CM: I was actually not on the flight, my flight had gotten in earlier that day and theirs left later that afternoon. I was nervous though, I was not 100% sure that it was going to workout.

KE: How did you think of this idea?

CM: I was actually invited down to the Haughey’s condo in Naples, FL and I had planned on asking her earlier in the week when we were down there. Most likely in a cheesy way like writing it in the sand or with balloons or something. But I ended up putting it off and forgetting to ask. So once I got home, I was actually doing lawn work, it just clicked in my head and I just called Louise and Mrs. Haughey. On top of that, my mom recommended I buy flowers and make a card and meet her at the airport.

KE: What was her reaction?

CM: She was very surprised, I don’t think she had any idea that I was going to ask her in this sort of fashion. I was also very surprised that she had not caught on as I had been calling and texting Louise non stop until I heard they were going to do it.

KE: Were you worried that another Hannah would raise her hand? Did you think about that?

CM: I really hadn’t. I was not really thinking that that was going to be an issue, I was more worried that they would not announce it on the plane. While this was happening, Louise was video taping, and once they asked if there were any Hannahs, you can see a little girls hand going up, so we kinda got a kick out of that.


Knight Errant: How did you ask?

Senior Spencer Shaver recruited some of his friends to help with his Prom-posal. (photo courtesy of Shaena Burke)
Senior Spencer Shaver recruited some of his friends to help with his Prom-posal. (photo courtesy of Shaena Burke)

Spencer Shaver: I bought baby clothes from a thrift store and dressed Arthur Boyle, Luke Musech, Sam Haferman, Barrett Fitzgerald and Mikey Koller in the clothes, then made signs that had P, R, O, M, and a question mark on them. I went into [Shaena Burke’s] debate class and said I brought some Little Knights to ask her a question, then the boys walked in holding the signs, but they said RPOM? and everyone [laughed].

KE: Which guy looked best in the baby clothes?

SS: Luke Musech. Obviously.

KE: Why did you ask her in this way?

SS: Last year TJ Moore asked [her] with actual Little Knights during class, right in front of me, even though he knew I was deeply in love with Shaena. The Little Knights walked into the room in the wrong order [RPOM?] and it was super cute, but I’ve never been more mad at babies.

KE: Were you nervous to ask publicly?

SS: I’d been going to the bathroom pretty frequently all day, so no.

KE: How did you think of this idea?

SS: I wanted to use elderly people to ask her, but the nursing home wouldn’t let my grandparents drive here alone during the day, so I had to use my less attractive younger friends. I wanted to recreate last year because I’m funnier than TJ.

KE: What was her reaction?

SS: Her nostrils flared, and she released a mating call. I think it was a yes.