Common basket money to go towards Red Knights for H2OPE

Adam Bilski, Staff Writer

The money donated to the common basket at school mass on Wednesday, April 24, will be given to a program taking place in the engineering department here, reaching out to the remote locations of the world susceptible to disease because of unsanitary drinking water. The world consists of 70% water, but the majority is unsafe to consume leaving only about 1% for billions of people to drink. The engineering classes are teaming up to discover a way to use electricity and chemical reactions to build a water purification system small enough to be brought all around the world and powerful enough to make a life changing difference. “Right now we are finalizing our redesign of the purification system and once we get the funding we need we can start buying parts and testing things out to see how well our redesign will work. The common basket will help us get the ball rolling a lot faster,” mechanical team member Joe Pauly said.