New TV Screens Should Be Better Utilized

Liza Magill

After spring break, new TV screens adorned the commons, main lobby, and Haben Center of BSM. These donated gifts are not unique, as Minnetonka High School, Edina High School, and many others have also added this technological feature recently. Unfortunately, these TVs could be used much more effectively for the entire school community.

The TVs around the school currently show information located on BSM’s website, including pictures of art from current students, snippets of news articles about BSM programs, and a highlight of a student servant leader. Along the top of the screens is a listing of shadow students for the day and along the bottom runs a notice of some sports games and board meetings.

In the event that BSM was trying to advertise the school through these TVs, this setup would be quite successful. But these screens aren’t shown to future parents or prospective students. Instead, this information is accessible to that audience on the website––the place where this information should be held.

If the advertisements featured students currently at the school, they may entice the student body, but most of the pictures are from many years ago; more of the kids in the pictures have graduated than currently attend the school. Students already go to BSM; they don’t need any convincing about the school.

In order to use the donation to its fullest potential, the TV screens should display information that students will want to know. Many students don’t pay attention in homeroom or forget important notices by the end of the day, and this forum is a great potential way to ensure that all students can access necessary information whenever they need it.

Only a few small changes could drastically improve the communication via the TVs. The daily lunch main option, schedule changes if applicable, homeroom meetings, and other announcements or changes to sports practices or activities would all be valuable additions. The screens could easily be, and should be, a concise summation of information for students and teachers alike.