Falling From Friday needs votes for contest to perform at Warped Tour


Giulia Imholte

Junior Lars Oslund, member of Falling From Friday, and his fellow bandmates entered in a competition to perform at Warped Tour in Canterbury Park.

Adam Bilski, Staff Writer

Falling From Friday — a student band featuring juniors Lars Oslund on drums, JJ Monroe on bass and vocals, and Jackson Catton on guitar and vocals—has entered a contest to be featured in Warped Tour 2013. People can vote for their favorite bands online an unlimited number of times to boost their rating and improve their chances of being noticed by judges.

As of now, Falling From Friday has the 40th buzz rating out of over 1000 bands, and they are looking for more votes to shoot to the top of the list. “If the guys on Warped Tour 2013 like you then there is a chance you could get to go play the rest of the dates, but that’s not totally sure and we need as many votes as possible,” Oslund said.

You can vote for Falling From Friday online to give them the chance to play with some of the best bands on a national stage. If Falling From Friday wins the contest, they get the chance to perform. “[Warped Tour] tours around country and if we win we get to play at our venue, Canterbury Park,” Oslund said.

There are a lot of possibilities to go further in the music career with this opportunity for Falling From Friday. “I’m really excited it’s a great opportunity to show our talent,” Monroe said.