Rozambert wins Mr. BSM

Giulia Imholte, Online Editor-in-Chief

Miss Minnesota Teen Maggie McGill paced the stage in the Hamburg Theater late Monday night and crowned Rooscol Rozambert as the class of 2013’s Mr. BSM. The annual pageant took place this March Madness week and featured nine senior boys as they demonstrated their talents, walked in a fashion show, and heard testimonials from friends. The other nominees included Arthur Boyle, Luke Musech, Matthew Kloyda, Nolan Ahlm, Garrett Haughey, Michael Nanne, Tommy Sprenger and Eric von Kampen. “We counted up individually our own scores and then we did the group score on the sheet. When we counted it first, Rooscol wasn’t winning, and then when we counted it again it brought him above everyone else,” one of the elected senior judges, Katherine Foy said.