School population evacuates for fire alarm


Megan Beh

Faculty, staff and students were rushed out of classes during 6th hour because of a fire scare in the kitchen.

Hannah Scherer, Staff Writer

The entire student body, faculty, and staff were evacuated from the school building due to smoke detectors being set off in the kitchen during lunch hour today, February 4. “The exhaust system couldn’t keep up with the production of food and overheated,” Cafeteria Manager Lynn Lynch said.

Students were moved out of their classrooms and into the frigid Minnesota winter to avoid any possible repercussions of the abundance of smoke. Procedures for fire drills and actual emergencies have always been the same, but the BSM administration double-checks at the beginning of every year to make sure that sheets with instructions for evacuations are in every classroom. “In every room there is an evacuation card that says where to go for your classroom in case of emergency, and a map that tells how to get there. Teachers should review these at the beginning of each semester,” sophomore Dean Keith Jones said.