Student for Human Life field trip to Roe v. Wade reenactment trial


Anne Arnason

Students in the Students for Human Life club travelled to University of St. Thomas to better understand the legal reasoning behind the Roe v. Wade decision.

Katie Sisk, Print Editor-in-Chief

The Roe v. Wade decision on abortion created a large social debate that continues to this day. Many students, however, understand the moral and theological viewpoint but remain ignorant to the political aspects of the debate. In an effort to gain a fuller understanding of the issue, BSM’s Students for Human Life club took a field trip on Thursday, Jan. 31 to “Roe v. Wade on Trial,” hosted by the Pro-Life Center at the University of St. Thomas, where presenters acted out the trial. “A lot of students have their opinions. They have the theological point of view…but a lot of people lack a legal understanding of the abortion issue, so that’s what it this was geared to provide,” Mr. Zach Zeckser, Students for Human Life adviser said.