Christian Rock artist’s presentation was entertaining and engaging

Taylor Rogers and Rachel Zierden

With great music, group participation, and laughter amongst students, John Angotti’s presentation proved to be really enjoyable and engaging. As we gathered in the Great Hall, we weren’t expecting much but the usual speaker that allows us time to daydream but in the end it was actually filled with fun and engaging activities, and was a very motivational presentation.

From the beginning, Angotti worked to keep his presentation interactive and fun for students. All of the people listening the Great Hall felt that they were part of the presentation due to its interactive nature. Starting off his performance with standing up and sitting down to “My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean” was a unique way to involve everyone and create a fun environment. I was caught off guard when he announced that we could sit with our friends. He made sure we were all comfortable about who we were sharing this experience with. It avoided that awkward moment when you have to turn to a classmate you don’t know very well and say “I love you.”

At the same time, Angotti used stories that were very relevant to students’ lives and were able to connect to them well. The stories, especially the one about his daughter hugging the right side of the road, were very applicable to our situations in life currently, since most of us are around the same age as her. He made his high school experience relatable by telling what it was like for him to try to fit in; being in high school, we all understand how difficult it can be to find out who you really are.

Not only was Angotti a great storyteller, but he had music to go along with it. His good singing voice mixed with some mainstream songs was a fun way to share life values with us. The new songs that he sang were easy enough to catch onto, and the ones that everyone knew allowed us to belt out the lyrics with him. We really felt like we weren’t just listening, but part of the presentation.

Usually, we spend the majority of the time during assemblies glancing at the clock in the Great Hall and think about what we’re going to have for lunch or what we are going to do after school for the length of the presentation. This time, when Angotti ended with the song Lean on Me, we were shocked to realize that it was already over. John Angotti was a interesting and entertaining speaker, and we are very glad he chose to share his talents with us.