New club forms to spread holiday cheer


Ava Azadegan

Sophomore Mikaela Potter participates in first Holiday Club meeting.

Mary Pat Ross, Staff Writer

With Christmas just around the corner, the newly formed Holiday Club has just what it takes to get the Benilde-St. Margaret’s student body in the holiday spirit. Last Friday marked the first official meeting of the Holiday Club. The founding of the club came from a simple inspiration. “The club got started when I was talking to some friends about how much we miss doing the crafts and activities we did in pre-school, [like cutting out paper snowflakes],” Rachel Thorstenson, club founder said.

This new club has a simple purpose: to spread holiday cheer around the school. “It sounds like the activities will be an assortment of things geared toward promoting a warm holiday spirit. This would include things like holiday food, videos, music, crafts, etc. I am personally hoping for some John Denver and Muppet Christmas music,” club advisor, Mr. Zach Zeckser said.

So far, the student body has shown a great interest in preparing for the holiday season with the newly formed Holiday Club. “I have had about thirty people show interest in the club, and people don’t have to show up at every meeting to be in the club,” Thorstenson said.

Getting involved with the club is easy. “To get involved people can show up to the meetings, or they can email/Facebook message me. I have a group page on Facebook to let people know what we will be doing at each meeting and I can add anyone interested to the group,” said Thorstenson.

So gather up your friends this Friday and enjoy a club filled with secret santas, seasonal treats, and holiday spirit. “Meetings are probably going to occur about once a week until Christmas break. I think the group will be of modest size, but everyone is welcome,” said Mr. Zeckser.