Link Crew helps freshmen adjust to high school through new program


Natalie Chevalier, Staff Writer

Throughout the overwhelming and intimidating first year of high school, Link Crew leaders will be giving the freshman opportunities to become comfortable with high school during their BSM hour.

Freshmen will get technology support, help from administrators, homework assistance, and time to interact with a few Link Crew leaders on Fridays. Being put in classroom-size groups, the freshmen will have the chance to get to know each other and the upperclassmen better. They will also be filled in about school events, like homecoming. Based on which activities work, Link Crew will make adjustments to Freshman Fridays as they go along, as the program is a work in progress.

Not only will the freshman receive guidance for school, they will have the opportunity to interact and hang out with their classmates. “It’s really meant to be a skill-building, asset-building time for them to be able to be better students, better humans,” freshman dean Ms. Rasmussen said.

Most Fridays, Link Crew will be spending time with the class of 2016 to help keep them from falling behind throughout the year. Leaders will update them on what’s happening in the BSM community. “What we know right now is that Freshman Fridays are another way to make sure the freshmen are excelling as much as possible at BSM,” senior Link Crew leader Abby Dryer said.

Since some of the Freshmen Fridays are led by Link Crew leaders, freshmen will gain more relevant advice from students who have already experienced freshman year. “It’s helping them develop their whole person, from a student perspective, instead of having an adult always saying ‘do this’ or ‘do that’… they’ll actually have real-life examples in front of them,” Ms. Rasmussen said.