Author and public speaker will come to BSM during National Bully Month

Grace Moran, Staff Writer

Award-winning speaker and author of “The Bully, The Bullied, and the Bystander,” Ms. Barbara Coloroso, will make an appearance at BSM October 2 and 3 to speak to students, faculty and parents for National Bully Month.

A Colorado native, Ms. Coloroso has become internationally known for her stance against bullying. She specializes in helping others––both adults and children––learn how to deal with bullying situations and how to avoid becoming the bystander.

Ms. Coloroso helps the audience see from everyone’s point of view and find the best way to resolve the issue. Ms. Lidibette Rosado-Guzmán, Spanish teacher, and Ms. Nicole Rasmussen, freshman dean, helped arrange for Ms. Coloroso to speak. Ms. Coloroso’s presentations help identify the underlying issues and encourage people to stand up for the dignity of a person. “It’s empowering for students to stand up for something right,” Ms. Rasmussen said.

BSM also plans to start a bullying hotline to accompany Ms. Coloroso’s presentation. “[The hotline] will start sometime in late September or early October,” Mr. Keith Jones said.