New dress code restricts students’ clothing options

Chloe Kennedy, Community News Editor

With the start of every school year, the administration implements new rules and this year’s biggest change concerns the dress code. The dress code now forbids leggings, jeggings, tights or yoga pants unless they are worn with a top or dress that extends to the knee.

Upon hearing the change in policy, many students became angry even though the dress code was only altered by one word. “It’s fascinating because it created so much controversy over one word. All we did was change the shirt length [when wearing tight pants] from mid-thigh to knee,” Ms. Andersen said.

The change came about because students were constantly pushing the boundaries on what they could get away with in terms of outfits. “Eventually it got indecent as shirts progressively got shorter and shorter. This new rule should also be easier for teachers to enforce,” Ms. Andersen said.

The school released the policy change only days before school started and without proper warning, but Ms. Andersen said she gave the community plenty of time to digest this new rule. The rule became official in June, when Ms. Andersen sent the planners and student handbooks for the school year to the printer. Parents were also notified of the change at Red Knight Round up. “I didn’t feel that the e-mail sent the weekend before school started was the first communication to students, but for many it was,” Ms. Andersen said.