BSM participates in Celebrate My Drive through Knightlife

Jacqueline Bieter, Staff Writer

Knightlife, BSM’s organization for students who endorse drug-free, healthy lifestyles, is participating in a contest entitled Celebrate My Drive. The contest, set up by State Farm, pits BSM against other high schools to promote safe driving and educate teens about how to drive more cautiously. This contest includes a day at the Ridgedale Shopping Center in Minnetonka where students can go and learn more about driving responsibly.

In order to win, high school students submit votes for their school and 14 grants of 100,000 dollars will be awarded to the schools with the highest number of votes and one student will receive a new car. By winning this contest, Benilde would set a positive example for our community and make a difference in the lives of drivers. “If BSM won this contest, it would prove how many students are now aware of safe driving and are committed to it. I also think the 100,000 dollars could benefit Benilde in number of positive ways”, junior Knightlife leader Carter Burn said.