“What to Expect” gets lost in its storylines

Mallory Hoch, Student Life Editor

A couple’s whole life changes when they hear those words “I am pregnant,” and despite constant preparation, no one is truly ready to bring a new life into the world. This summer’s new blockbuster, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” explores the world of changing diapers, growing tummies, and constant cravings. Packed with a large list of celebrity actors, including Elizabeth Banks, Chris Rock, Cameron Diaz, and Jennifer Lopez, this romantic comedy brings not only humour, but some heartbreak as well as.

The film follows different mothers in various stages of pregnancy from parents adopting for the first time to unexpected pregnancies to families that have been attempting to have a child for years. The distinct plot lines are an efficient way to give the viewer a taste of multiple stories, but also lead to the movie feeling rushed and, altogether, decreases the moviegoers’ emotional attachment to any specific storyline.

Though intended to be funny, the movie is accompanied by a few tales of heartbreak. The audience falls for the adorable Rosie and Marco, who reunite years after high school and engage in a one night stand that results in both an unexpected pregnancy and terrible heartbreak for the young couple. Although this storyline was the most emotional of all, it was often ignored. As a result, this couple’s endearing story ended up feeling unexplained.

Although the plotline is cliche and struggled to live up to the trailers’ expectations, the shining moments came from when the film focused in on dads who already have young children––a refreshing perspective. The self proclaimed “dudes’ group” meets every day near the park, and as the dads stroll around with their kids they exchange a variety of parenting anecdotes––from accidentally dropping their kids, calling them the wrong name, to picking up the wrong ones at daycare; but, as the group motto says, “no judging.”

“What to Expect When You’re Expecting” wavers between romantic comedy and a heartbreaking tale of loss. But, sadly, the movie couldn’t figure out which one it wanted to be, leaving audiences confused at suddenly dropped storylines. The film, which did contain a few shining moments of humor, altogether lacked emotional stamina.