Affordability and atmosphere brings customers to Mozza Mia


Italian restaurant Mozza Mia’s main attraction is its popular pizza pie and fresh mozarella bar.

Liza Magill, Opinions Editor

Italian restaurant Mozza Mia combines a welcoming atmosphere with delicious food, and its location in downtown Edina contrasted with its affordable nature allow a wide variety of people to enjoy the restaurant.

Located off of 50th and France, Mozza Mia is an accessible site, with a parking ramp across the lot. The restaurant itself is located on a corner, also leaving it separated enough from the businesses in the surrounding buildings and street areas.

Mozza Mia highlights their establishment as a “pizza pie and mozzarella bar,” with the most popular entreés including mozzarella, salads, pasta, and their most favored option, pizza. With fifteen different assortments of toppings as well as the ability to mix toppings on one pizza, even picky eaters and gluten-free customers can find something that they enjoy on the menu. The food is also priced at an affordable range of $7-$16, allowing even those with small budgets to try something new.

Even without the delicious food, Mozza Mia attracts customers through its decor and seating arrangement, transmittable to both a daytime and evening setup. Bright lighting illuminates the booths lining the edge of the large space, making the restaurant feel busy without becoming too overwhelming even on a crowded night. An open bar is also located at the far corner of the restaurant, allowing the adults to further enjoy this aspect of the restaurant without taking away from the main menu and overall atmosphere.