Isaac Melin


Sarah Ehlen, Editor-in-Chief

Many friends and classmates of Isaac Melin nearly forget that he hasn’t always been part of the Red Knight family. After completing freshman year at Wayzata High School, Isaac transferred to BSM as a sophomore, but he is now as much a member of the school community as anyone.

Isaac’s attraction to BSM resided in mainly one, important factor: his best friends. “I knew BSM was a good academic school, but what really made me want to come here in tenth grade was my best friends Jake Horton and Joe Haselman. We’re still best friends today,” said Melin.

Since the school switch, Isaac has thrived at BSM, participating in various sports and activities, with hockey being his biggest commitment. “I grew up playing hockey with Jake, Joe, and Grant Besse and being able to be on a team with them in my high school years was a great experience,” said Melin.

With his closest friends involved with BSM hockey as well, Isaac can’t help but feel perfectly at home on the team. A true accomplishment for Isaac in the past hockey seasons was taking the title of the slow- est person on the whole team. “Last year I lost to Patrick Daly in a race even though he had a sixty pound sandbag on his back,” said Melin. “It’s nice to be the best at something for a change though, even if it’s just being the slowest.”

In addition to his participation in hockey, Isaac also prospers in the classroom, and he often uses his intellect to help out his friends and teammates. “I help a ton of people with homework…I tutor four or five of my hockey guys usually,” said Melin. Outside of school, Isaac keeps himself committed to homework and studying, even at the end of his senior year. “I basically do nothing outside of school because my senior slide never really set in, and I still do a lot of school work. I’m working until the end.”

Isaac is also known as one of the few BSM students who has gone his entire high school career sans Facebook. “I avoid Facebook because I don’t think I can handle requesting someone’s friendship and being denied,” said Melin. This defining quality often leaves Isaac out of the loop of the social scene, especially in regards to graduation party invitations. “Without a Facebook, I have to walk around school handing out business cards with my party information on them instead.”

Friends and classmates of Isaac give testimony to his modesty and caring attitude toward his family. He spends quality time with his three younger siblings and his parents, and he finds inspiration in them often. “My dad plays a very important role in my life. He works really hard in his job, and I want to emulate that,” said Melin. Little known fact: The Melin family extends beyond the human mem- bers, and includes a large number of pets. “We once had three dogs, two hamsters, two frogs, two guinea pigs, and a rabbit all at once. We basically house a small zoo,” said Melin.

After graduation, Isaac plans to head off to Illinois to study at Wheaton College. Though he’s not quite sure what the future holds for him, it definitely looks bright, and Isaac dreams big. “If I become a millionaire, I have three things I want to do: Adopt 12 old rescue dogs, give a tip of $20,000 to a random college-bound student, and buy a house solely for paintball,” said Melin.