12 speechers to represent BSM at state tournament

Laura Shannon and Kiley Petersen

After placing third or above in their categories in the section competition, twelve members of the Benilde-St. Margaret’s speech team are now preparing for the State competition. Held on April 21 at Chanhassen, both the “speechers” and their coaches are excited and looking forward to difficult competition.

Head coach Maura Brew is pleased with the results of the section tournament in Edina where BSM took home the section trophy. “Twelve people going to State is a big deal from a small Catholic school. Last year eighteen individuals––a total of sixteen pieces––went to State, so we’re just a little ways behind this year,” said Mrs. Brew.

The twelve speakers have been preparing since sections, but began a different practice schedule than the regular season on April 2. “The twelve individuals are coached by two coaches at a time [so that] they are exposed to a variety of [coaching styles] for as much input and productivity as possible,” said Mrs. Brew.

Mrs. Brew is careful never to make predictions for State, preferring to focus on the achievement of sending twelve participants to the championship. “I never expect anything. I think what the students will find is that physically being at State is a celebration and an accomplishment. We are bringing a strong team with twelve strong performances, but it’s very difficult to judge. They will enjoy the experience, and anything that comes out of it is just icing on the cake,” said Mrs. Brew.