Freshman spares time for bowling hobby

Mallory Hoch, Staff Writer

With total score of 108, freshman Joe Kleven completed his first successful game of bowling at four years old. Now in his first year of high school, Kleven is one of eight varsity members on the BSM bowling team, who continues to push himself, aspiring to better his skills, and, eventually, bowl a perfect game.

Growing up, Kleven practiced every Saturday at the Texa-Tonka lanes with friends Ryan Kelly and Christen Peterson. “Bowling leagues like Texa-Tonka exist to prep you for tournaments; the games that matter. Tournaments [hosted there] are for prize money and they’re available for sign-up at most bowling alleys, youths and adults,” said Kleven.

As a varsity member of the BSM team, Kleven attends practices on Wednesdays and Mondays at Park Tavern Bowling Alley with both the varsity and JV teams. However, as a member of the varsity team, he also attends team competitions on Fridays. “So far, we have competed in eight competitions against St. Louis Park, Chester, Holy Angles, Eden Prairie and Hopkins,” said Kleven.

Reaching a high score of 267 with eight strikes in a row last year in November at age 15, Kleven continues to push himself to reach his goal score––a perfect game. “My goal score is twelve strikes in a row, with a total of 300 points,” said Kleven.

At age 11, Kleven was able to reach his first bowling milestone, a 200 game, moving him closer to the desired 300 point game. “The first time I bowled a 200, I was at Skyline Minneapolis in a tournament. My 200 game was so special because it’s a major high score milestone, and it’s a big step closer to the perfect 300.

Celebrating his tenth year of bowling, Kleven plans to continue bowling for the rest of his high school career, but is unsure if he wants to bowl competitively in college. “I haven’t actually planned to bowl in college as a sport, but I would definitely want to keep practicing at a nearby bowling alley,” said Kleven.