Juniors’ futures: consider them built

Juniors futures: consider them built

Kellen Gill, Staff Writer

Between preparing for the ACT’s and SAT’s and maintaining a high GPA, students feel pressure to make important decisions regarding their future. Many high school students consider junior year the most stressful year in high school. However, Benilde-St. Margaret’s gives juniors the advantage of partaking in the annual Building Your Future Day, Thursday, Feb. 16.

Juniors will spend the entire day preparing for their future instead of attending regular classes. “Juniors attend seven different sessions about college and career planning. There is a seminar about ACT and SAT prep, there is a seminar about what college life is like, there’s one about the different majors and careers that are out there, and then there is one where the students watch a super cheesy 80’s movie about college life. It’s a nice break in the day,” said college counselor Ms. Amy Desmond.

Students often leave the day feeling stressed and overwhelmed, but the administration aims to relieve the stress students would otherwise meet further down the road. “We’re trying to meet juniors wherever they are in the planning process. Some students have already visited colleges, and some students haven’t even thought about it. We’re meeting students at both ends of the spectrum, and we want students to know that we are here to help them with every step. This day is meant to lessen students’ anxiety,” said college counselor Ms. Amanda Anderson.

In retrospect, many seniors look back and appreciate how the day helped them plan for college—the next chapter in their lives. “It really helped me prepare myself for applying [to college], and gave me a better understanding for what college is going to be like, even though [the day] was very overwhelming,” said senior Krista Dammen.

Many juniors have already started planning for their future and anticipated this day of vigorous preparation. “I enjoyed missing class, and I have started to [plan for] my future by volunteering in places that will help with my future job,” said junior Jennifer Roberts.