Club 13 to match Jablonski Common Basket donations

Sarah Ehlen, Editor-in-Chief

In a continued display of support for sophomore Jack Jablonski, the Catholic School’s Week Common Basket collection will go towards the Jack Jablonski Fund, and, as a challenge for students to participate fully, an anonymous group—called Club 13—announced that they will match all donations between $7,878 and $13,000.

Club 13 was established by a group of BSM parents who recognize the need for support for Jablonski and wish to inspire and encourage this support throughout the entirety of the school community. Their choice to begin the matching of donations at $7,878—dividing into donations of $1,313 per class—represents Jablonski’s number, as does the capping of the match at $13,000.

This group of dedicated parents and Jablonski supporters already matched a donation of $13,000 during the Junior Bronze Pound Hockey Tournament organized by BSM juniors Mario Zattoni, Jake Szarzynski, and Arthur Boyle. The tournament raised a total of over $50,000 for the Jack Jablonski Fund, and they hope to continue and accelerate fundraising efforts.

Recognizing Jablonski as one of our own in the BSM community, Club 13 encourages any and all further support as time passes and change comes for the Jablonski family. “Jack and his family have faced this challenge with more courage and drive than many of us believe we would be able to do. They are an inspiration to all of us,” said a message from the members of Club 13.