The boys’ tennis team honors their teammate, Jablonski

Peter Best, Staff Writer

Every member of the boys’ tennis team chipped in to raise both donations and spirits for their teammate Jack Jablonski. The team has raised over $1,000 for the Jack Jablonski Fund, is giving Jablonski’s parents a Lifetime Fitness Spa gift card, and has acquired a signed jersey from Jack’s favorite hockey player, Pavel Datsyuk of the Detroit Red Winds. More fundraising will continue once the tennis season is underway.

The team captains decided that, though injured, Jack will still get an honorary spot on the team. “Jack was a catalytic member of our team and should be honored by being given a spot on the team. Whether or not he is playing does not matter, he is still a member of the team just like the rest of us,” said junior Jimmy Borin.

The team has come together and decided that because Jablonski is still very much a part of the team, they have chosen to honor him in spirit throughout their 2012 season by wearing a patch on their uniforms during tennis matches and tournaments in honor of Jack. “Jack was very important to the team. He was a terrific tennis player and was only a freshman at the time,” said senior Peyton Link, one of Jack’s doubles partners.

Along with the patches, junior Matt Kaminski and senior Ethan Perushek decided to pay homage to Jack by wearing his coveted “13” on the back of their shirts at a tournament. The two intend on wearing the number throughout the tennis season.