Jack, we promise to keep you in our hearts

Dear Jack,

Your accident caused an eruption of support around the state, country, and even the world. Famous hockey players, newscasters and musicians have reached out to show you support. Schools around the country wore white in your honor, “#Jabs” trended nationally on Twitter, and aggression in hockey and other sports became a popular point of discussion.

Your message of hope, of miracles, and of positivity amongst tragedy has touched the lives of every student in our school, as well as others around the country. We commend you for keeping a smile on your face throughout everything you’re going through. You are a true inspiration.

Even though your life has changed in ways we’ve yet to see, who you are as a person will always be the same. Even though we can’t possibly know what’s going through your head, we will continue to sympathize with you. To us, you’re not just any hockey player. You are one of our own, you are a part of our community.

We understand that you will need even more support in the future as you begin your recovery. On behalf of the BSM student body, we promise continued support. Even when all of the media attention has died down, you can count on your Red Knights to always remember how much strength and positivity you have shown, to continue to support you through your recovery, and to always keep you in our prayers.

Though some of us knew you as a close friend, some as teammates, and some just as a Facebook friend or fellow classmate, your positive attitude in the face of adversity has changed the atmosphere of our school to one of unity, strength, and faith.

Simple events in the past few weeks such as going to the chapel to pray together during our wellness hours, chanting for you at sporting events, and dressing in white on the 13th of every month are just a few examples of the support we promise to continue.


Your Fellow Red Knights