Besse to become Badger

Nicole Sarquis, Staff Writer

Junior forward and assistant captain Grant Besse made a verbal commitment to play for the University of Wisconsin Badgers starting in 2014. He has performed beyond anyone’s expectation by scoring 30 goals his freshman year, 33 as a sophomore, and is averaging over 3 points per game in his junior year.

Besse has been meeting with the Badgers since the end of his freshman year when he attended a model camp at the University of Minnesota. “Coach Bill Butters (assistant coach of the Badgers) approached me after freshman hockey season at Model Camp, and he asked me to take an unofficial trip to Wisconsin,” said Besse.

Since his first trip to Madison, Besse has visited the school two times and met with the academic counselor and the head coach of the Badgers where he made his verbal commitment to the school. “Half way through the season of this year, I met with the coaching staff and coach Mike Eaves called me to come down because they had an offer for me,” said Besse.

Besse knew from the beginning that he wanted to go there and play for the Badgers.”I felt a strong connection with the coaching staff as well as Wisconsin’s rich tradition and history that includes six National Championships,” said Besse. “Also, I look forward to playing in the Big Ten Conference.”

Not only does Besse appreciate the coaching staff and facilities, he also feels the academics and college life are a perfect fit for him. “Along with the strong academics and city life at Wisconsin, I felt that this was the best fit for me,” said Besse.

As of right now, Besse plans on playing in the Junior League after his senior year and jumping right into the Badgers program a year after. “Currently I’m not sure where I’m going to play Juniors, and I won’t know until after next year’s season,” said Besse.