The Depot-Minneapolis’ Best Kept Secret?

The Depot-Minneapolis Best Kept Secret?

The scenic depot lies dormant during the day, but comes alive at night as skaters fill the rink.

Natalie Walsh, Staff Writer

The Depot, Minneapolis’s very own indoor skating rink, brings winter to life as a site of action and fun during the coldest months of Minnesota’s never-ending snow storms. Escaping the depressing weather and day-to-day stress of a Minnesotan may be challenging, but not impossible.

Oftentimes a wide variety of characters can be found at this winter wonderland, including little girls in figure skates twirling around like Olympic pros, dedicated fathers teaching their sons how to maneuver on hockey skates, and patient girlfriends helping their not-so-ecstatic boyfriends off of their ice-covered butts.

This unique experience provides a chance for fun for all ages. The floor-to-ceiling glass walls surrounding the perfectly kept ice give the building not only distinctive architecture, but a breathtaking view of the city skyline.

When I was a little girl, my mom would take me here to challenge her patience in her attempt to teach me how to skate. I was a little speed demon who could successfully stay on top of my skates as I sped around the rink, but struggled with the skill of skating backwards.

Each winter, I willingly and excitedly journeyed to the Depot. I stood on the ice astonished by the beauty of the city landscape view, the interesting people gliding around, and the twinkling lights strung above my head.

Although the experience was doomed to be a failure, I was always exhilarated to spend the day venturing onto the floor of glass to continue practicing the “weave out, weave in” tactics necessary to accomplish my goal.

For all ranges of skating skills, skate rentals for either figure or hockey skates are available inside the Depot for only $7. Along with this accommodation is a snack bar of a variety of items for a full meal or a re-energizing treat. Rink admission for juniors under 17 and elders above 62 is $6, and admission for adults is $8.