A potential star emerging from the freshman class


Freshman Sophie Peters is constantly taking voice lessons and performing at every possible venue to pursue a singing career and also does modeling on the side.

Nicole Sarquis, Staff Writer

Amongst the surfeit of aspiring singers students may come across while scouring the many videos of YouTube, an up-and-coming soulful sensation is emerging from within the halls of Benilde- St. Margaret’s in the form of freshman Sophie Peters.

Peters revealed herself as a talented vocalist through her performances at the Aster Café, which took place once a month since last winter, and are all available on her YouTube channel: mnblackbear01. “I started singing when I was in third grade, and I take voice lessons three times a week to keep improving my voice,” said Peters.

Peters’s singing teacher and parents are a source of constant support throughout all of her achievements and have been pushing her to continue to reach for her dreams. Her biggest performance yet was at Bryant Lake Bowl in Uptown, where she performed in front of over one hundred people.

This freshman is constantly in and out of the recording studio, currently working on her first demo to be sold when she performs at different venues. She previously worked with a producer named Michael Bland, who also works with well-known pop stars including Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers. “I wrote a song with him, but he was more into the pop genre, and I like more soulful songs like Adele’s music,” said Peters.

Not only has Peters already experienced success in her singing career, but she is also an aspiring model; she was frequently mistaken for being a model at the Wehmenn fashion show in Minneapolis where she worked backstage as a stage manager. “That agency sparked my modeling career when they interviewed me in the summer and asked me to model for them,” said Peters.

To promote her music career, Peters used her modeling experience and booked a photo shoot to promote her upcoming album that she’s creating. “I had a photo shoot with junior Kaitlin Duda, and I use the pictures for my website and also for the album,” said Peters.